RICARDO Reversible Electric Raclette Set (18 pieces)


RICARDO Reversible Electric Raclette Set (18 pieces)

Product description

This RICARDO electric raclette features a high-performance The Rock reversible grill. The ribbed side lets eight people at a time grill their favourite meats, seafood or vegetables, and the flat side is ideal for cooking crepes or eggs. Like the grill, the eight included cooking pans feature a non-stick coating that makes them easy to clean and perfect for melting cheese. A quick and simple way to enjoy a delicious casual meal with family and friends!


  • 8 heat-resistant scraper tongs
  • 8 non-stick cooking pans
  • 1 THE ROCK cooking grill delivering outstanding non-stick performance
  • 1 chrome stand with brushed stainless steel exterior finish

All of the products used in this demo store are from the Ricardo website.

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